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My Favourite Things: SPH

Oh small penis humiliation, why do I love it so?

What is it about the cruel nature of calling out a poor man for his lack of worthiness is it that turns me on so?

It's the kink that does what it says on the tin. A truly cruel fetish that has every SP holder agreeing with every proclamation of their unworthiness.

Such a spectacular kink that allows me to be childish in a completely adult context.

There is NOTHING more satisfying than calling someone "Wee Willie Winkie Sausage", than perhaps ball busting, or electro CBT - but those are for other blog posts. One of them makes me orgasm. Can you guess which?

That the small penis holder almost revels in his mortification is delightfully satisfying. I can mock as much as I like and little Pindick Princess will fall over himself to agree with me.

Shame is so sexy in this context. Well, the SP holder isn't sexy in himself, but being permitted to utterly humiliate a man for something that he has no power to change about himself is incredibly intoxicating.

Perhaps that's why I love small penis humiliation so.

If you're a small penis holder and have the burning desire to undergo excruciating humiliation at your own expense, then call one of my phone lines, watch one of my clips, request a custom clip, or enjoy the pain in person in a face to face session.

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