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My Favourite Things: SPH

Oh small penis humiliation, why do I love it so?

What is it about the cruel nature of calling out a poor man for his lack of worthiness is it that turns me on so?

It's the kink that does what it says on the tin. A truly cruel fetish that has every SP holder agreeing with every proclamation of their unworthiness.

Such a spectacular kink that allows me to be childish in a completely adult context.

There is NOTHING more satisfying than calling someone "Wee Willie Winkie Sausage", than perhaps ball busting, or electro CBT - but those are for other blog posts. One of them makes me orgasm. Can you guess which?

That the small penis holder almost revels in his mortification is delightfully satisfying. I can mock as much as I like and little Pindick Princess will fall over himself to agree with me.