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My Favourite Things: Ball Busting

Despite my present rotundity, I used to be a ballerina when I was younger. I danced for hours every day in the pursuit of perfection, honing my technique and developing my muscles.

Even though I am considerably older now, and have lost most of the muscle memory from my halcyon days, my legs are still fairly strong. My in-step, my arch, in particular, remains particularly strong - honed through years of a mix of ballet and tap dancing.

Now we come to the male testes. Soft, warm, wrinkly, and not exactly known for strength. More of a delicacy, despite the famous saying "balls of steel".

I am a sadist. I get a sexual kick out of causing some types of pain to a consenting adult. I can orgasm when causing pain to someone's balls through electrical stimulation. Just the thought of causing that pain fills me with glee.

So what is it about ball busting in particular that turns me on so much? I think there are a number of factors:

  • Anticipation - the sub knows I'm going to strike (after all, it has been negotiated), just not when I'm going to strike. I enjoy the build up, the anticipation in the sub as he attempts to brace for my onslaught. I particularly enjoy fooling around, dancing about as I fake kicks and laugh as they flinch.

  • Kinetic Energy - the agony on the sub's face as the foot connects and the sub doubles over to receive the pain, before reluctantly returning to the correct position. There is something glorious about the movement as they go with the pain.

  • Resilience - this is the psychological game the sub plays within himself and with me. How many strikes can he take? How far will he push himself, or allow me to push him? A sub once wrote to me during negotiation that he couldn't possibly take 30 minutes of ball busting. It felt like more of a challenge than a protestation. After all, he didn't know that 30 minutes of ball busting might only include 5 or 6 strikes, with the rest of the time being spent in the psychological game of "will she, won't she?"

An important point to remember when thinking about my sessions - I always want to feel something. If I don't feel anything, it means I'm bored and not fully engaged, which is the last thing either party wants.

On the other hand, if I'm engaged, I'm delighting in my own sadistic ministrations, and if I'm turned on, then my energy is flowing and you are getting me at my very best. Put simply, the atmosphere between us will be electric.

Ball busting is interesting to me because it allows me to turn on my sadistic inner self. I've never been a violent or aggressive person. I've never picked a physical fight, much preferring to use my words, because deep down I'm either a complete wuss, or I'm afraid of the damage I could do if I unleashed my frustrations (please don't think I'm a bundle of pent up frustration, waiting to pop. I prefer to let things go and don't hold grudges for long).

So why do I find hitting grown men a turn on, and particularly busting their balls?

I think it all comes down to consent. I enjoy wielding power over someone who is potentially stronger than me physically. I enjoy the freedom of being permitted to play in this way - in a manner that doesn't remotely interest me in vanilla life. After all, I don't wish I could go around kicking every man in the balls - although there are a few that could do with a kick in something, but we won't get into politics.

So it's not something I have a particular need for. But if a sub specifically asks for it, I genuinely get off on giving people what they want , so my genuine enjoyment feeds into the service aspect of my job. After all, each session is tailored to the individual client. I don't have carte blanche - and nor would I want it - to do anything I want in the session. So I know I can kick a sub's balls in, and he'll go away a happy chappie, ready to book another fab session with me again.

If you have the burning desire to undergo some ball busting within a session then book a face to face session with me by emailing me at Or call one of my phone lines, to discuss why you like ball busting.

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