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My Favourite Things: Ball Busting

Despite my present rotundity, I used to be a ballerina when I was younger. I danced for hours every day in the pursuit of perfection, honing my technique and developing my muscles.

Even though I am considerably older now, and have lost most of the muscle memory from my halcyon days, my legs are still fairly strong. My in-step, my arch, in particular, remains particularly strong - honed through years of a mix of ballet and tap dancing.

Now we come to the male testes. Soft, warm, wrinkly, and not exactly known for strength. More of a delicacy, despite the famous saying "balls of steel".

I am a sadist. I get a sexual kick out of causing some types of pain to a consenting adult. I can orgasm when causing pain to someone's balls through electrical stimulation. Just the thought of causing that pain fills me with glee.

So what is it about ball busting in particular that turns me on so much? I think there are a number of factors: