Introducing Lady Voluptua!

Um... so it's been a while since I last posted on this blog. Lots of things have been happening over the summer and changes are afoot.

One big change that's going to affect my local kink community, is that The Glasgow Dungeon is having to close because it has been bought for redevelopment as a hotel. This is a huge loss to the community, as we held our regular play event, Rebound, and our monthly Sunday Open House, in addition to providing a great space for people to come and play in private - not to mention that my sister Mistresses are losing their home from home.

It's also a huge personal loss, as the dungeon is owned and run by my beautiful girlfriend, Mistress Vixen. The amount of work and effort she put into running the space and making it a friendly environment was astounding. We will find a new space to turn into an amazing dungeon to work from, but it's going to take a lot of hard work and determination.

With such large changes and upheaval, I've not been focusing so much on my personal work, and I've let things slide. However, there is great news ahead, as I've finally worked out who I want to be as a Dominatrix. Mistress Amara simply wasn't cutting it. The name doesn't really reflect who I am inside. Mistress Amara could be anyone. I want to celebrate the utter fabulousness that is my body - a super sized BBW. You can tell me I'm glorifying obesity, and I'll simply say "hell yeah!". I'm going to glorify this big beautiful body all over the globe!

Lady Voluptua

I am therefore pleased to announce that I will shortly be re-branding and relaunching as Lady Voluptua.

Lady Voluptua... It immediately sounds more powerful. You know what you're getting as soon as you hear the name. And it means I can be larger than life, camp as fuck, and a big ole luxurious chunk of delicious dominance.

After a few years where I felt closed off and empty, I'm finally opening back up into the sassy bitch I was born to be, and you can bet your ass there will be show tunes, maniacal laughter and a whole lot of fun in my sessions.

As we re-group and open a brand spanking new play space, I shall also be completing my transformation into the Domme I was meant to be.

I'll keep you posted as the changes take effect, and the website evolves to reflect the fact that Lady Voluptua will be in residence. Keep your eyes glued to the screen boys. You're not going to want to miss this.

BB fucking W in all its glory. Lady Voluptua's arrival is imminent!

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