Behold the luscious, luxurious and libidinous darling that is me, Lady Voluptua.

Give in to your basest desires and worship my glorious curves.

Celebrate my deliciously divine adiposity.

Femdom with a difference. Big, beautiful and ready to make your wildest fetish fantasies come true.

Whether you long to be smothered by my bosoms, squished like a bug underneath my beautiful fat bum, or squashed between my thunderous thighs, you are guaranteed to have an intoxicating time in my presence.

I'm larger than life and I'm taking up space. This is my world and I intend to revel in all things hedonistic, debaucherous and delicious.

A woman of size with confidence is a majestic sight to behold. Come and worship at the altar of Lady Voluptua and you will receive your just rewards.

Be dominated by a Lady who knows she's worth her weight in diamonds. Dedicated to the art of pleasure and pain, and all things in between.

I am a skilled, empathetic, and truly delinquent piece of human art, with a wicked sense of humour and a love of living life to the max.

I am the Obesity Epidemic. I am the Fat Tsunami, and I'm here to glorify myself and be worshipped by my admirers.


Now, go ahead and spend some delicious time exploring my know you want to.

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Read What Others Have Said About Me

She's deceptively sweet until she's got your head on the ground beneath her foot, then all bets are off. Brilliant fun!

G.M, Edinburgh

My ass was good and f***ed. Thanks Ma'am for putting me in my place :-)

R. T, Belfast

It was an honor to serve Mistress. I miss you so much. I hope to see you again xxx

Ersin, Istanbul

That's what I call a well skelped arse! My wee bum cheeks are still hot.

J.E , Edinburgh

What Are You Waiting For?

04 Nov 2019

End Of An Era

The Glasgow Dungeon is finally closing its doors at the end of November. I am available for sessions there until 21st November. Thereafter, I will be offering sessions from my renewed play spaces in the Southside of Glasgow.

There will eventually be two play rooms with a variety of equipment for bondage, impact play, imprisonment, and catering to all manner of fetishes and fantasies. More information will become available as the space is developed.

If you would like to book me for a session at The Glasgow Dungeon in the next couple of weeks, a £50 deposit is required. I will soon be changing my client phone number, but for the moment, I can be contacted on the same number as detailed on my site.

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