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I am pleased to be able to offer sessions from the renowned dungeon space, Abstrakt Studios, in Glasgow City Centre. The studio is right next to Central Station so it really is in the heart of Glasgow.

The owners of the space pride themselves on offering a discrete, hygienic space and you can be assured that you won't bump into any other clients while you are there. The state of the art facilities, equipment and toys are cleaned in between sessions using powerful enzyme destroyers, antibacterial solutions and disinfectant,  in accordance with Covid sanitation protocols.

The beautifully decorated studios have a plethora of equipment and specialised areas to suit most fetishes. The available equipment includes: 

Main Studio

  1. Bondage bed

  2. Small bondage cage

  3. Gibbet cage

  4. Bondage throne

  5. Four point suspension frame

  6. St Andrews cross

  7. Prison cage

  8. Spanking bench

  9. Leather suspension swing

  10. A variety of restraints

  11. Rubber vacuum bed

  12. Leather sleep sack

  13. Toilet box

  14. Oubliette, which has solid anchor points for restraints and a chamber pot, voice controlled lights and sound system, plus nanny cam

School Room

The school room has the following equipment:

  1. Canes

  2. Tawses

  3. Slippers

  4. Floggers

  5. Belts

  6. Paddles

  7. Bondage chair

  8. Chesterfield sofa

  9. Chesterfield wingback teacher's chair

There are also shower facilities to freshen up before or after our session (if you require this, please ensure you build enough time in your session, as the facility is strictly booked by the hour).

As you can see, Abstrakt Studios is an exciting place to play in and have fun. It's also incredibly busy and very strict about bookings, and I have to pay for the venue hire in full upon booking. As a result, I need at least 48 hours' notice for your booking, you must pay a 50% deposit by bank transfer immediately upon booking with me, and you must confirm your booking by phone or text no later than 2 hours and 15 minutes before your session to obtain the address. Please note, there are no exceptions to this rule. If you are unable to meet these booking conditions, then I'm sorry but we will not be able to session.

If you are interested in booking me for a session in Kent, please note that it costs me upwards of £200 in travel costs and venue hire, not to mention a 14 hour round trip. I will only travel to Kent if you wish to book a decent long term session with a mix of play and long term bondage, or if I already have clients booked in at the same time. I will not travel down to Kent to do an overnight booking of £300 alone, as I would be losing money. Please check out the Kent page for more information about what is on offer there, and conditions for booking a session. 

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