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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
  • I'm completely new to this and I'm scared. Can I still book you?
    Yes! Having been a newbie within the lifestyle, I know how overwhelming it can feel to have all of these fetishes and fantasies running wild in your head. The role of a Dominatrix is not to scare the living bejesus out of you (unless you like that sort of thing), but to act as a guide and to ensure your safety at all times. I am a great believer of helping those who are navigating this lifestyle for the first time because it's an overwhelming world where it is easy to be taken advantage of. If you are completely new and want to try something, it can be a great idea to book a session with an experienced practitioner, who will introduce you to the many fine wonders of the lifestyle in a safe environment. Trust is such an important thing in the BDSM lifestyle, so it's perfectly acceptable to use a pro-Domme to ease your way in. For example, if you think you might harbour masochistic tendencies but don't know what your pain threshold is, I will start slowly and work my way up, checking in on you constantly to ensure you are comfortable. So if you're new and know you want SOMETHING kinky to happen, but you're not sure about dipping your toes in the water, contact me and I will do everything in my power to help you.
  • Do I have to give my real name and phone number?
    To put it simply, if you don't give me your real name and phone number, no booking will be made. I value my safety, and would you believe it if I told you there are lots of idiotic men out there who get their kicks out of scamming adult service providers? I know, shock horror! But when you've experienced people giving false names, withholding numbers, lying about bookings, and sending you to an empty address, you will understand why I need your real information before I allow the booking to go ahead. Now don't get me wrong. I know your privacy is important to you. I'm not Facebook or some other mega company who is basically just mining your data to sell on to other corporations. I am super discreet and your personal information is simply used by me to run a quick check to make sure you are who you say you are before meeting you. I wouldn't be able to last very long if I became known for breaking my clients' trust. I know that it's rare nowadays, but I very much operate from a place of honour and trust, and therefore your personal details remain completely private to me. The only time any information will be passed on is to my safety buddy, who is notified of where I am going, when and with whom, in case one of you turns out to be an axe murderer. My safety buddy is a trusted friend who is also working within the pro BDSM industry.
  • Will you come to my home?
    I only operate from a professionally equipped dungeon.
  • How do I pay you?
    You can pay me in cash or by bank account transfer. A 50% deposit is required upon booking. It should be paid to the following TSB Account: s/c 87-70-28 a/c 73302068 If you need a name use Mrs L Borland. For the reference, simply add the date of your session. When meeting in person, etiquette dictates that you hand me an envelope containing the correct remaining amount for the session within the first few minutes of the meeting commencing. If you prefer, you can choose to pay the entire tribute in advance of the booking, so that we can begin the session immediately you arrive without having to worry about exchanging cash. Please do not make me ask you for the tribute. It should be offered willingly for my time. Please also do not be alarmed if I check the contents of the envelope in front of you to confirm the transaction. I do this for every client and once the tribute has been dealt with we can get on with the session. For web sessions, phone chats or anything else, you can either pay by bank transfer or purchase an Amazon gift card and give me the reference number.
  • Do you accept gifts?
    Of course my dear! I love when a sub surprises me with a thoughtful gift! In fact, it will stand you in good stead and put Me in a good mood if you bring a gift to a session. When meeting in person, gifting Me a bottle of quality champagne, beautiful flowers, chocolates or perfume, will automatically put you in My good books. You can also purchase e-gift cards from the following stores: Etsy UK Lovehoney Starbucks Amazon UKMAC Cosmetics Simply send these gifts to the following email address: You can also feel free to offer cash gifts as tribute for accepting your service. I am always trying to improve the equipment I have so tributes towards that will make Me especially happy. I love, love, love to be spoiled!
  • What should I do before we meet?
    Please be freshly showered and fragrant (although don't spray the whole bottle please, I have a delicate nose!) Please be well presented when we meet. There's nothing worse than slovenly presentation and if you don't make an effort to look your best when meeting Me then I can't imagine you will do your best to please Me when in session. Please also ensure that you have read My entire website before booking Me, so that you know exactly what I offer and what I don't.
  • Do you sell any of your used clothes or other items?
    If you ask nicely, and offer a reasonable sum, I may consider your request for used clothes or other items.
  • Do you only see men?
    No. I am happy to be served by any gender! As long as the submission is given willingly, that's all I need. As I'm fond of saying...I care more about what's in between your ears than what's between your legs. If you are gender-fluid or non-binary, please let me know the pronouns you prefer me to use. I'm happy to see male couples, female couples, mixed couples and groups. My hourly rate will be payable by each person in the session (although discounts may be available depending on the session).
  • My partner and I are new at this, do you accept couple bookings?"
    Yes I do. If you and/or your partner are new in the lifestyle, and want to explore with someone who is experienced, I am more than happy to build a mentoring/teaching session. Normal prices apply and the session will be tailored to suit you. If you are a Dom/Domme and would like another Domme to session with you and your sub, I am also happy to provide this service.
  • I'm a Dominant and I would love to watch you session with my sub. Is this possible?
    Of course. I will do my negotiating with both you and your sub beforehand, and you can decide whether you simply want to watch or if you want to join in. I'm also happy to watch you play with your partner if you are exhibitionists. Normal price per hour applies.
  • How can I contact you?
    Tel: 07907531168 Email: Twitter: @LadyVoluptuaUK via Direct Message If you have a Fetlife account, you can send a PM. My username is Lady_Voluptua You can also use the Contact Form on my Contact/Booking page. Please note: I don't accept calls from withheld or private numbers.
  • Can I book you for a submissive session?
    Whilst I used to enjoy being submissive, I no longer wish to pursue this avenue.
  • Can I book a forced bi session?
    Indeed you can. I have a slave who is willing to participate in this type of session. To ensure his availability, please enquire and book in advance.
  • Do you offer mentoring services?
    If you are new to the world of BDSM and you want to learn more and be mentored by a professional on a one to one basis, please contact me. This is not the same as dominating you and will be strictly informational. I am a lifestyler and I'm happy to help people who are seeking more knowledge, for no charge. If you are interested in becoming a professional Dominatrix and would like me to mentor you, I am happy to discuss your requirements. However, depending on the level of mentorship you require, I will charge you for my time. If you would like me to mediate in a D/s relationship or if you need someone to talk to about something that's going wrong in your relationship, I offer Skype or phone sessions for a small fee of £45 per session to cover my time. I'm a skilled negotiator and mediator, having worked within the banking industry in complaint handling for over 10 years. I have also written relationship guidance books on a freelance basis for my writing clients, so I'm fair, knowledgeable, and can see things from all perspectives.
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