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About Me

Short in stature but big on personality, I value intelligence, a pleasant humour, and honesty, over the shallow conceits of outward appearance. Make no mistake: I do not suffer fools gladly. Time wasters are dispatched quickly and mercilessly. If you're serious about spending time with Me, do read on...

My body is super-sized, which makes me a Big Beautiful Woman, blessed with luscious lips, large bosoms, and voluptuous curves. My deep brown eyes can see right down into your soul. I possess a calm and warm demeanour, which will help you to feel safe and secure, so that you can drop your guard and submit openly. There is nowhere to hide from Me. I will invade your mind and inspire you to your knees. I am the safe space you have always dreamed of - here to set your spirit free in your submission to Me. And you can get your rocks off while you're at it.


I have always known that kink runs through My veins. Initial explorations revolved around me being sexually submissive, which then grew into a longing for submission beyond the bedroom. Being a multi-faceted person, I experimented with both sides of the D/s slash, but still preferred to be submissive to a dominant male in My personal relationships.

Throughout the years I have been a submissive, a TPE slave, a burgeoning masochist, and a primal beastie. I have learned from my experiences and have evolved. In my late thirties I began to favour being in charge, which led Me to where I am now. I am a natural leader, not a follower. The natural assertiveness I have throughout the rest of My life has now come fully into bloom in relation to BDSM.

Using the skills and experience I have accumulated throughout my life, I am now offering professional real time sessions, phone chat, online domination, personalised erotic fiction, filmed clips, and much more. 


Do you know what? There is nothing more thrilling than receiving the submission of a willing supplicant, offering their devotion to Me. Or facilitating someone's deepest fetishistic fantasies. I love what I do and I love helping others fulfil their kinky dreams.

Before you think about booking Me, you should consider whether we will be compatible. Do I offer the style of dominance that makes you crave My control? Do I cater for your particular fetishes?

You only have to look at My pictures to see that I'm not quite the stereotypical image of a latex clad, hard-faced Mistress, towering over everyone in sight. Considering that I'm only 5' 2" in height, I'm normally the one looking upwards. Which is why I prefer you on your knees.


If you're looking for someone who is less cookie-cutter and more likely to be writhing in orgasmic bliss from eating cookies, then I'm sure we'll get along. 


My high emotional intelligence usually puts those I am around at ease, so if you're a newbie or a seasoned player, I can adjust my behaviour accordingly. I prefer to deliver My dominance with a sultry, sweet smile and a calm energy. Surely this sweet little woman couldn't want to inflict any pain on anyone? Well...actually darling, I do want to inflict pain. I do want to humiliate you. I do want to see you cowering on your knees, your submission for Me driving your body into the ground. I want to facilitate your fetishes and perversions so that I can send you away with a smile on your face. 

Versatility is my middle name. I can be severe and downright nasty, firm and strict, or gentle and sensual. My sadism is served with a side order of giggles. Underneath it all there is a sultry, sexually charged energy that I enjoy exploiting when I play. I will gather knowledge about what makes you tick and, coupled with My experience, I will guide our sessions as I see fit, for our mutual benefit and pleasure/pain. Together we will explore your fantasies, set boundaries and push limits of ecstasy. You will revel in your devotion to Me and find delight in your service. 

Dominance and submission are not gifts to be bestowed. They are precious energies to be exchanged. I believe that submission can never be taken, it must be offered with an open heart and an open mind.

The entire point of submission is to submit willingly, so if you choose to enter My world where My word is law, be prepared to follow My rules.

I expect all contact to be conducted with mutual respect, based on trust and honour. I am a fair Mistress but misdemeanours, including disobedience or disrespect, will be met with severe punishment (including ending all contact). Three strikes is for baseball. You will only ever  get one chance with Me, so act wisely.

Fully informed consent is important to Me and I adhere to the tenets of R.A.C.K (Risk Aware Consensual Kink), and S.S.C. (Safe, Sane, and Consensual). Constant learning development is also important to Me, and I ensure I use best practices, and only offer fetishes / skills that I know I can perform safely.

Contact Me to begin negotiations if you think you have what it takes to serve Me, or if you think I can help you scratch that itch.


I guarantee you won't regret it!


Tel: 07907531168

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